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4 Amazing Travel Products You Didn’t Know You Needed – CitySip Travel
4 Amazing Travel Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

4 Amazing Travel Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

CitySip Spotlight: Jett Travel Accessory Boutique

Hi friends! It’s time for our CitySip Spotlight debut!

Here at CitySip, we feel that travel is one of the most enriching things we can do in our lives, but it isn’t always easy. From jet lag to nausea to just keeping it all together, there’s a price to be paid for our wanderlust. Luckily, there are some amazing products out there that can make our jet setting lifestyles just a little bit easier. 

Everyone loves a good travel hack, right?

CitySip Travel is all about helping to simplify your travel experiences and also empowering and supporting our hardworking, wanderlusting sisters. We are constantly on the hunt for the next greatest thing and love collaborating with small businesses, bloggers, and photographers in the travel industry!

With that being said, we’ve teamed up with the lovely ladies of shopjett.com to share with you these 4 AMAZING travel products you probably didn’t even know you needed:


Number One:

photo credit: shopjett.com

NoMo Nausea Bands: Created by a former anesthesiologist after suffering horrible nausea in pregnancy. These bands feature a combination of aromatherapy (peppermint oil) and acupressure on the wrist to help combat feelings of nausea. Perfect for those prone to anxiety and motion sickness. These bands are also great for headaches and are safe for use in children or during pregnancy. 

Number Two:

photo credit: shopjett.com

Salvador Luggage Tags: Made by the brand Rareform, these luggage tags are both beautiful and unique! No two are alike. They are made from recycled billboards, so not only do they look great, but this company is helping to reduce waste one tag at a time.

Number Three:

photo credit: shopjett.com

The que Bottle: These lightweight, collapsible water bottles are the perfect companion for travel! They can hold 20 ounces of water when fully extended, AND collapses down to fit in your purse or carry on bag. These bottles come in fun colors, are eco-friendly, and you will never have to pay $5 for a bottle of water at the airport again!

Number Four:

photo credit: shopjett.com

Bandolier iPhone Case: The ladies at Shop Jett fell in love with these the moment they saw them and knew they had to have them! Hands free iphone holder AND wallet, all in one? Yes, please! These super stylish cases look like a purse and allow you to always have your phone handy. They hold 2-3 cards and cash in a convenient snap pocket, making your airport experience that much easier. These exclusive cases are not readily available on the website. You’ll have to message Jett to see what’s in stock, and you’ll totally be glad you did!

Our favorite thing about these awesome products (aside from being super useful and convenient) is that they are all either eco-friendly, natural, and/or recycled. Plus, when you purchase one or more of these products from shopjett.com you are supporting a small business and some awesome ladies who love what they do! Also, please know this is not a sponsored post and we received no compensation to share these products with you. We simply connected with these lovely ladies and wanted to share their business because we think their shop has some amazing (potentially life-changing) travel items that are worth checking out! Be sure to visit their site to get your hands on the products listed above.


Brandie & Marissa of Shop Jett

About Jett

“We are the two best friends that anybody could have! Ha, but really – just a couple of best friends that decided to jump into the world of entrepreneurship. We are Registered Nurses by trade, but felt the stirring to do something of our own. Jett was born out of a shared passion for travel; we want you to be able to find things you might want for your trip all in one place! We opened online in October 2018 and haven’t looked back since.”

If you’re a wanderlusting femmepreneur and would like to be featured in one of our spotlight articles, please visit our contact page and let us know a little more about you! We love collaborating with and supporting our like-minded sisters!

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